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Photo Credit: ADAM WISNESKI / Tulsa World

Plume in the News

I was honored when The Tulsa World recently published an article about Plume Natural Perfumery. Jason Ashley Wright wrote such a fun, informative piece — and it has really given me the opportunity to share my work on a more local level. A big thanks also to Adam Wisneski for the great photos!

Photo Credit: ADAM WISNESKI / Tulsa World

The Full Perfume Line is Now Available

I now have my full line of ten fragrances available for sale in the shop. Each perfume comes in your choice of perfume solid or perfume oil. There are sample sizes and sample sets available, as well. There are currently three unisex fragrances (which have been quite popular!), three seasonal summer scents, and four fragrances from my year-round line.

Vintage Perfume Lockets and Compacts

I am a huge vintage costume jewelry lover (I love vintage jewelry almost as much as I love perfume), and I enjoy searching for vintage lockets to hold solid perfume. I currently have two gorgeous vintage locket necklaces in the Etsy shop — each is filled-to-order with the scent of your choice. Keep checking back for more vintage lockets…I am always on the lookout!

I have also added some gorgeous vintage-style lockets that can double as perfume compacts. These large, beautiful Art Nouveau pieces are made from vintage molds in the USA. I love their versatility — you can add a matching chain or ribbon and wear them as a true statement piece or stash them in your purse and use them as a lady-like compact. These are also filled-to-order.

Photo Credit: ADAM WISNESKI / Tulsa World

Looking Ahead

I enjoy creating and wearing seasonal perfumes. In early September, Plume’s three Summer Floral perfumes will be retired (they might return next year) to make room for three new Fall fragrances. The Fall scents will emphasize spices, woods, and headier florals. Stay tuned…

Fragrantly Yours, Tara