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Hope, II Gustav Klimt (Austrian, 1862-1918)

Two very special ladies in my life are expecting their first child this Spring! For their Christmas gift, I concocted a luxurious belly that they can use to prevent those much-dreaded stretch marks (and to help them relax and feel pampered).

After a bit of research and experimentation, I came up with a wonderful blend of botanical oils that have healing, moisturizing, and antioxidant properties. I also added a touch of lavender, which is known to have healing properties and is the safest essential oil for use during pregnancy.* Most of these oils can be found at your local health food store or natural market. I also order many of my carrier oils from Synergy Essentials online.

The recipients seem to love the final product, so I thought I would pass along the recipe. Here is my final blend — enjoy mamas!

Equal parts (this is according to how much you want to make — I used 5 ml of each oil) —

  • Sunflower oil [High in Oleic acids, plus significant quantities of vitamins A, D, and E].
  • Sesame oil [Natural anti-bacterial and antioxidant].
  • Argan oil [Rich in many important antioxidant compounds, including vitamin E and other polyphenols].
  • Jojoba oil [Moisturizes and absorbs easily].
  • Rosehip oil [Positively researched in controlled studies for reduction of appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, and general improvement of skin texture].
  • Apricot Kernal oil [Extremely healing for dry skin].
  • Sweet Almond oil [Softens, smooths, and conditions skin. Rich in fatty acids].
  • Liquid Vitamin E [Diminishes the appearance of scars and evens out skin tone].

You could also swap or include the following oils if you have them on hand: Rice Bran oil, Calendula, and Wheat Germ oil.

  • Then add 10 or more drops of Lavender Absolute oil or Lavender essential oil (I prefer the absolute — it has a richer, more balsamic scent than the essential oil). If you would like a lighter fragrance, add 10-15 drops to your oil mixture. If you prefer a stronger fragrance, you can add more to your liking.

Shake well, and you’re done! I put mine in an Amber glass dropper bottle to keep it fresh and to make application easier for the moms-to-be. To apply: Add a generous amount to the palm of the hand and massage into the skin morning and night until moisturized. Mothers can continue using the oil for several months after giving birth to help the skin regain elasticity and stay moisturized — this speeds up the healing process.

If you are expecting, why not blend your own batch of belly oil? You have complete control over the ingredients (no nasty chemicals or hidden additives) — and you can personalize it according to your own preferences. This also makes a spectacular gift for baby showers!

*Please note: Essential oils are not recommended for use in high doses during the first trimester of pregnancy. For a well-researched article on the safety of lavender oil, refer to this article by Robert Tisserand.

P.S. Another awesome thing about this oil — you can use it even if you’re not expecting. I have been using it on my face as a moisturizer at night and adding a few drops to the ends of my hair to help smooth frizz after I shower. It works wonders!

Fragrantly Yours, Tara