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It seems I have come down with my annual October cold — oddly, as I sit here sniffling (and temporarily unable to smell anything), all I can think of is the aroma of fresh herbs, spicy teas, and exotic blossoms. Here are a few goodies my nose has been lusting after:This organic tea sampler by pastry chef and herbal/essential oil guru Briar Winters (at Marble and Milkweed) looks like just the thing to keep me cozy through the winter. The Modern Chai No. 2 (with chocolate and saffron) sounds particularly intriguing.This gift set of soaps for men by Roots Soap Co. (with fragrances like Coffee and Bay Clove) sound wonderfully invigorating…and if my boyfriend is lucky, I MIGHT let him use them.I love the idea of being able to switch-up the scents of my household cleaning products, and this gentle, eco-friendly household cleaning spray by Ophelia’s Apothecary comes in a variety of tempting fragrances.

I have a weakness for Jasmine, and this decadent face cream by the Spa Goddess would give me an excuse to slather it on! The cream is made with essential oils of jasmine, rose, neroli, and sandalwood.I need all the help I can get when it comes to a good-night’s sleep. This dream-worthy pillow by Phoenix Botanicals — brimming with magical mugwort, lavender, and rose — is said to aid in sleep and help you remember your dreams!

What have you been lusting after lately??

Fragrantly Yours, Tara