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I had such a wonderful time on Friday and Saturday selling my wares at Indie Emporium. Thanks so much to all of the folks who stopped by the Plume booth to chat…and sniff!

This was my first time being a vendor at a show, so I was all aflutter with nerves and excitement. I barely ate or slept last week!  I was concerned about my booth being up to par (there are some pretty amazing booths at Indie), but in the end I was happy with how it turned out. I kept it classic, with a few Art Nouveau touches…and of course, some peacock feathers.I made A LOT of stock for the show (more than I had ever made before), and it was lovely to see all of my perfumes and potions arranged just-so. Most importantly, I loved having the opportunity to let people smell and test my fragrances. It can be a challenge to sell fragrance online — people like to experience fragrance, to know how it reacts with their skin. This gave people the chance to do just that!

My new lip balms seemed to be a hit (no, I haven’t posted them in the shop yet, but will soon — I promise). The hands-down most popular perfume of the weekend was my new Fall/Winter scent, Coffee & Cedarwood. Both men and women seemed to love it. One customer commented that she couldn’t wait to wear it because she knew her husband would want to nibble her neck 😉I really couldn’t have done it without my boyfriend and my sister Ashley’s generous help. Thanks so much to you both! Can’t hardly wait until next year…

If you didn’t get a chance to visit Indie Emporium, I will be at another show at the end of the month: B.A.zaar in Broken Arrow. I grew up in Broken Arrow, so it will be fun to go back there and see how much the town has grown and changed.

Until then…

Fragrantly Yours, Tara