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A well-appointed vanity table is like an altar — an altar to yourself. I guess it’s called a “vanity” for a reason! But, don’t think of it as a vice. Think of it as a place for devotion and appreciation: devotion to beauty, appreciation for the little things that make your life pleasurable.

As a perfume lover, fragrance is certainly one of the things that bring you peace and pleasure in an otherwise chaotic and not-so-peaceful world. Arranging a a special place for your bits, baubles, and bottles can be a meditative practice.

Those old, half-used flacons of fragrance can remind you of times past. Precious trinkets help you recall travels, loved ones, and important life experiences.

As a space devoted to YOU, the vanity can also represent the changes and learning experiences that you have gone through. Even items that you no longer use (remember that perfume you thought smelled good ten years ago?) – reminding you how far you have come and how much you have learned.

When I acquire something delicate, rare, or precious (an old pair of my great-grandmother’s cat-eye glasses or a beautiful art deco makeup compact hidden in a pile of junk at an estate sale), I find a place for the item on my vanity. It becomes part of the ever-changing and growing motif of my life, my tastes, and my dreams.

It might seem frivolous to place so much emphasis on an altar to ourselves. But, is it not even more frivolous to cast off or undervalue our little treasures — things that have been designed with love and care, given to us with generosity, or brought into our lives because they resonate with our unique sense of self?

Take a close look at your vanity table. What does it say about you? Do you ever just stop there to play, admire, sniff, or rearrange?

If your vanity table (or dresser…or bathroom counter-top) needs some TLC, here are a few tips for creating your own well-appointed altar to yourself:

  • Arrange your perfume and other items on a tray to help keep things from looking cluttered.
  • A small vase with a single flower bud, candles, or tea lights help add a sacred quality to your vanity table.
  • Display a few pieces of your favorite pieces of jewelry.
  • Choose wisely: you don’t need to keep every old bottle. Display the prettiest or most meaningful items.
  • Stick to your personal sense of style: if you’re a minimalist, keep it simple and streamlined. If you tend to be a magpie, mix and match bottles, trinkets, and jewelry to your heart’s content.
  • Running out of room? Add an antique candy dish on a pedestal for smaller items.

Do you have any good tips for creating a beautiful vanity table??

Fragrantly Yours, Tara