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Plume Natural Perfume Orange Blossoms...

Two Oranges with Orange Blossoms by Martin Johnson Heade, c. 1885

…White and golden Lizzie stood,
Like a lily in a flood,
Like a rock of blue-veined stone
Lashed by tides obstreperously, –
Like a beacon left alone
In a hoary roaring sea,
Sending up a golden fire, –
Like a fruit-crowned orange-tree
White with blossoms honey-sweet
Sore beset by wasp and bee, –
Like a royal virgin town
Topped with gilded dome and spire
Close beleaguered by a fleet
Mad to tear her standard down…

“Goblin Market “by Christina Georgina Rossetti (1830-1894)

Can you tell I’m dreaming of orange blossoms? A friend in south Texas recently mentioned that you can smell the orange blossoms hanging thick and sweet in the air. Sounds heavenly!

I hope everyone is doing well — I just wanted to stop in for a quick post to share my fragrance obsession of the moment (and a snippet from one of my favorite poems!). I’m off to put my nose in my bottles of Neroli and orange blossom to get my fix now!

Fragrantly Yours, Tara