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I can’t stop picturing my dream studio in my mind’s eye: a spacious room devoted to blending, packaging, and conducting all of my Plume-related activities. It is light and airy with plenty of windows (preferably with a view of a flower-filled garden). There is an elegant chandelier hanging from the ceiling, the walls are lined with shelves for products and packaging, and there is spacious blending table right in the center. There are also a couple of peacock-blue velvet chairs — one for me, and one for customers, friends, or a certain sweet boyfriend to lounge in while I make my perfumed potions.

Until the day my dream studio becomes my real studio, all of my perfumes are blended from my tiny apartment. I turned what used to be the dining table and bar area into my studio and blending areas. I donated more than half of my books and turned my bookshelf into my supply shelf, and a rolling kitchen cart has been modified as a packaging station. As I’m sure most at-home artists and crafters know, you have to be super-organized to keep potential chaos at bay! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining — I’m very lucky to live with someone who doesn’t mind my business slowly inching its way into all corners of our living space…I’ve been eyeing his office, too (sssshhhhh)!

I had a photographer come over from The Tulsa World newspaper yesterday to take photos for an upcoming article about Plume Perfumery. It was an exciting day, and I used the opportunity to further organize and “prettify” my tiny working/display space (the photos in this post are my own — I will post later on the article/photos from the newspaper piece!).

I arranged a selection of my perfume oils and solids, and I also wanted to show off my small-but-growing selection of vintage and vintage-inspired lockets and compacts (for filling with solid perfume). These will be posted in my shop in the next few weeks! I inherited so many lovely dishes and trays from my grandmother (like the light pink one, above right), and I love putting them to good use. Don’t be surpised to see this one and others showing up as props in my photographs on Etsy.

My collection of botanical essences is growing, as well. Soon the bottles will outgrow the trays I have them arranged on. Hmmm…my dream studio might also need to have an antique perfume-organ. Maybe something like the one below? Hey, a girl can dream!!

A perfume organ at the Fragonard museum in France.

Do you work from home? What does your dream studio space look like??

Until next time…

Fragrantly Yours, Tara