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Amber Woods, Sage, Vetiver Incense

I finally finished listing my first big batch of products in the Etsy shop! It has taken a little over a week to get everything in my summer soliflore and unisex lines up and running, and it has been exciting to see it all begin to come to fruition.

In the next few weeks, I will begin on the second round of listing, which will include the other four fragrances in my line: Vanilla Tuberose, Salome (a woody Jasmine), Fragoletta (a traditional floral chypre that harkens back to the 1940s), and Medici Cocoa (a decadent chocolate jasmine that is to-die-for).  These new scents will come in solid, oil, and mini versions. I will also begin listing several more gift sets and mix-and-match sets once my full line of ten fragrances are available online. And after that, more exciting items await!

I spent this past week photographing, photographing…and photographing. I am truly a novice at photography, so I know I have miles to go before I’m comfortable with the camera. Thank goodness for the photo-editing site, Picnik! Having said that, I’m pleased with how the first set of photos have turned out. I’m sure I will be tweaking and changing them over time as my photography skills improve. I laughed a bit today when I realized how much my shop photographs reflect my own personal decorating style: colorful, textured, quirky, eclectic, and vintage.

Pictured above are my three unisex oils: Amber Woods, Sage, and Vetiver Incense. It was very important to me to offer several options in my line that appeal to men as well as to women who prefer woody, earthy, or spicy fragrances. Sage is one of the first perfumes I created — it has a soothing, woody-herbal scent that the gents really seem to love. My brother even likes it, and he is very particular (and allergic to a lot of fragrances)! Vetiver is a completely unique fragrance: earthy vetiver is blended with tobacco and spices. Amber Woods is one of the perfumes I am most proud of — it features a complex wood accord and a hint of sage. It smells of night-rain in the forest and smoke from a faraway chimney. I get so many compliments on this when I wear it!

Below is a picture of my summer soliflores (the French term for a perfume devoted to a single floral). These were truly a labor of love: they went through many iterations over several months before I felt the blends did the flowers justice. They have a freshness and femininity that I’m really loving right now. The trio includes Orange Blossom, Damask Rose, and Indian Jasmine. I have been wearing the Indian Jasmine non-stop for the past few weeks (you will quickly learn that I’m nuts for Jasmine). It has the rich, sensual aroma you expect from Jasmine, but it also has a bright fizziness that just screams sandals and suntans.

Orange Blossom, Indian Jasmine, Damask Rose

I’m excited about the next stages of the shop — as I mentioned in my previous post, I am working on an all-purpose perfumed skin and hair oil that I’m looking forward to sharing with others.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank those of you who have supported and encouraged my endeavors over the past year as I’ve embarked on this new adventure  (as well as those who have recently visited the shop, “liked” me on Facebook, said “Hi” on Twitter, and signed up for the newsletter!!)

Thank you so much for visiting…be back soon!

Fragrantly Yours, Tara