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Profile with Peacock, 1896. By Edgar Maxence.

Like perfume, feathers have a long history as adornments, accents intended to allure and intrigue. Like perfume, feathers are symbolic of sensuality, refinement, and beauty. Their delicate form contrasts with the rich, vibrant colors they display. The notion of utilizing nature to adorn ourselves is as old as time. Feathers and fragrance are “birds of the same feather” — borrowed from nature to increase our allure, enhance our appearance, and draw others to us.

Plume Natural Perfumery is built on a belief that nature truly offers the most beautiful adornments. Even the name of the company – Plume – is inspired by this idea.

Plume Natural Perfumery is inspired by the beauty and complexity of pure botanical essences. It offers 100% natural fragrances for men and women, hand-crafted in the centuries-old old European perfumery tradition. Plume strives to provide customers with a luxurious scent experience that is subtle and personal, free from synthetics and chemicals, and enriching to the senses.

The Plume blog is a place to share my passion for my craft and for natural perfumery as an art form. On the blog, you can look forward to posts about:

  • Perfumery techniques and essences
  • My personal processes and inspiration
  • Perfume-inspired literature and art from the past
  • The beauty and benefits of natural perfumes
  • Natural perfume news and reviews
  • Product announcements, deals, and specials
  • Perfume tutorials and DIY
  • And more…

In the coming months, I will post about new products in the works, obstacles I have overcome in starting my small business (and how you can do the same), Plume’s goals for the future, perfumery techniques, and the allure of seasonal scents.

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Fragrantly Yours, Tara